YES (Youth Enrichment Services) is a collaborative project of Georgia College, Baldwin County Schools, Baldwin County Parks and Recreation, and local citizens.  Its mission is to raise achievement and educational aspirations for students in grades 3-12 as well as their adult family members. YES seeks to raise graduation rates, to nurture and inspire curiosity, and to realize deeper levels of literacy. YES collaborates with students and adults to increase confidence in their abilities to tackle new learning situations. Finally, YES works together to build a whole community that says “yes” to making promises come true. Programming supports elementary, middle and high school students and their adult family members.

Program activities include: 

Academic Support
Homework Assistance
Enrichment Opportunities
Free Snack & Transportation



  • Attendance - YES meets Monday through Friday.  Students are expected to attend on a daily basis.  Three absences will place your student on the probationary roster; 5 absences and your student may risk dismissal from the program. 
  • Discipline & Dress - YES follows the discipline and dress code polices as established by the Baldwin County Board of Education. 
  • Family/Guardian participation - Parents/Guardians of a YES student are expected to actively participate in YES events and be an active part of their students' afterschool activities.  
  • Transportation - If your student is being picked up, you will be required to show a driver's license or other government issued ID each day.  If your student has not been picked up by the time the bus departs, your student will be required to ride the bus.

Julie Andrews Cook, YES Director,
Richard Hartry, Adult Program Coordinator,
Jessica McQuain, Data Clerk,